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Guns in Chiangmai at the Maerim Shooting Range
For our day of tigers, snakes and elephants, we had a hired driver take us from one facility to another and along the way, he suggested going to a shooting range (in his broken English). We'd read about how these drivers try to get their tourist fares to other places in order to collect commission on any thing they buy, so we were a little wary but I wanted to have a look.


To be honest, I'm not a gun fanatic and I've never shot one but I was curious about it and thought that Chiangmai would be as cheap a place as any other I could think of, to give it a go.

Touching Tiger Cubs at Tiger Kingdom Chiangmai
Getting up close and personal with tiger cubs - definitely one of our highlights in Chiangmai. You don't often get a chance to touch these predators but we jumped at it and visited Tiger Kingdom.


Tiger Kingdom of Chiangmai

The facility looked a little like a mini zoo with enclosures set in a landscaped area.

Ratchdamnoen Walking Night Market
The Ratchdamnoen Walking Night Market in Chiangmai is famous - well, we realised it was once we began to look into where to go in the city. It takes place every Sunday night along the road of the same name which runs about two thirds the width of the walled old city. That's pretty long, more so than the Wualai Road Night Market which we visited the previous night.


Because the Wualai and Ratchdamnoen markets happened on consecutive days, having our five days in Chiangmai including the weekend conveniently allowed us to visit both. This was good on the one hand since we could see what both "events" were like, as well as do some shopping and have a place for dinner each night.

Wualai Road Night Market
We went to the Chang Klan Road Night Bazaar yesterday evening and whereas that's a nightly, fixed location shopping area, the Wualai Road Night Market is temporary, with stalls pitching up every Saturday.


It takes place on the lengthy Wualai Road, especially long when faced with all the ambling visitors, both local and tourists browsing at leisure. The area is actually an old city silver-making district which apparently still has silversmiths banging out their creations during the day on various metal household wares and surfaces.

Wat Phra Singh Buddhist Temple, Chiangmai’s Most Impressive
Wat Phra Singh is an impressive Buddhist temple within Chiangmai's old city centre walls and located at the far western end of Ratchadamnoen Road.


It contains one of Thailand's three important Phra Singh Buddha images, with the other two at Wat Phra Mahathat in the city of Nakhon Si Thammarat and in the Bangkok National Museum.

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