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Ratchdamnoen Walking Night Market
The Ratchdamnoen Walking Night Market in Chiangmai is famous - well, we realised it was once we began to look into where to go in the city. It takes place every Sunday night along the road of the same name which runs about two thirds the width of the walled old city. That's pretty long, more so than the Wualai Road Night Market which we visited the previous night.


Because the Wualai and Ratchdamnoen markets happened on consecutive days, having our five days in Chiangmai including the weekend conveniently allowed us to visit both. This was good on the one hand since we could see what both "events" were like, as well as do some shopping and have a place for dinner each night.

Chiangmai Leather
To me, leather is almost synonymous with Thailand and all kinds of leather goods could be found in all the markets we visited in Bangkok and Chiangmai. However, in Chiangmai's Chang Moi Road (say that several times quickly), we came across a shop that sold finished leather products as well as all kinds of leather pieces, scraps, decorations, finishings and accessories.


No doubt this shop would only be of interest to those who are a little crafty and like to make their own leather stuff. However, I found a whole box full of rejected Traveler's Notebook covers.

Loikroh Muay Thai Stadium by Day
In Chiangmai, we were told about two places to watch Muay Thai fights and the Loikroh Muay Thai Stadium on Loikroh Road was one of them. We didn't see any fights here in the end (preferring to go to the Thaphae Muay Thai Stadium instead) but were able wander in to have a look during the day.


The Loikroh Muay Thai Stadium was smaller than I imagined consisting of a fight ring and enough space around it to line up several rows of chairs. This area was flanked on all sides with bars (closed at the time) so that fight nights were clearly meant to be paired with an evening of drinking.

Wualai Road Night Market
We went to the Chang Klan Road Night Bazaar yesterday evening and whereas that's a nightly, fixed location shopping area, the Wualai Road Night Market is temporary, with stalls pitching up every Saturday.


It takes place on the lengthy Wualai Road, especially long when faced with all the ambling visitors, both local and tourists browsing at leisure. The area is actually an old city silver-making district which apparently still has silversmiths banging out their creations during the day on various metal household wares and surfaces.

Chiangmai Chinatown
With all the Chinatowns that we've been to around East Asia, we still found ourselves heading to the one in Chiangmai. Well, that's another one to tick off the list. Chiangmai Chinatown had Chinatown-style gates but to be honest, I'm not sure how Chinese it really was. But at the same time, sometimes in a foreign country, nothing beats walking around a place like your own hood.


Alot of the stuff we saw for sale at the Chiangmai Chinatown seemed generic to any culture or just seemed Thai. Having said that, I don't believe I could tell much difference anyway. I need a big red sign board over every pile of stock to understand whether it was Chinese stuff or not.

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