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Danshui Part 4 - Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology
The Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology, located in the town of Bali, is touted as a remarkable achievement - a modern architectural masterpiece that won the coveted Far East Architecture Award in 2003. With such recognition, we purposefully made our way to the museum by catching one of the frequent ferries across the river from Danshui to Bali.


Upon arriving at the ferry pier, we went up a short alley directly ahead of us to reach the main Longmi Road where we caught the red bus 13. The bus traveled for about ten minutes alongside the river before dropping its passengers off at the museum and making its way back along the same route.

Danshui Part 3 - The Bali Waterfront
Where Danshui was lively and bustling, Bali was a little quieter when we visited, although there were plenty of visitors. Apart from visiting the Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology a bus ride away from the ferry port, we explored the waterfront stretching in between two ferry piers at Bali.


Danshui Part 2 - Museum of The Strange
On the Danshui MRT end of Gongming Lane, quite soon after arriving, we saw the entrance to a small, museum that seemed to contain some weird and wonderful specimens of life.


With an inexpensive entrance fee of NT$59 (£1.08) and sensing an opportunity for photos, we decided to have a quick look inside.

Danshui Part 1 - Iron Eggs and Massages
Danshui (or Tamshui) is an old port city in the north of Taiwan and about twelve miles northwest of Taipei. Since the area is accessible via MRT, the last stop on the Danshui/Beitou Line, it only took around half an hour for us to get there.


We arrived around midday and the tourist-friendly streets were already bustling with a stream of visitors leading from the station. The pedestrianised Gongming Road was our first strolling destination and here we came across now familiar shops selling all manner of grilled and battered food, clothes and accessories and souvenirs. We also visited a "strange" museum, but more about this in the next post.

Pork Buns and Threading at Raohe Street - Taipei’s Newest Night Market
The night market at Raohe Street is apparently Taipei's newest night market, having developed from its original vendors sited close to Ciyou Temple at one end.


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