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Core Pacific City Living Mall
The only reason we dropped by the Core Pacific City Living Mall was because of its close proximity to the Puppetry Art Center.


However, its facilities are apparently popular with the locals who flock to the place despite it being a lengthy walk from its closest MRT station. We took a taxi there.

Puppetry Art Center of Taipei
Traditional forms of puppetry are forever going to be hand-crafted explaining one reason why I like the art form so much. The designs and details, particularly of East Asian puppets, are another reason and the Puppetry Art Centre of Taipei has plenty of examples to see.


Located next to the Living Mall, a modest distance from the nearest MRT station of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, the Puppetry Art Centre of Taipei is dedicated to puppetry collection, display, performance, creation, and teaching.

The Superb Miniatures Museum of Taiwan
Whether or not scale models are your thing, the Miniatures Museum or Taiwan is a highly recommended visit! It was one of the highlights of our trip to Taipei (of which there are a few...) and absorbed us for over two hours, despite the miniature size (!) of the exhibition space.


The Miniatures Museum is located discreetly in the basement of a tower block and brings together works by miniature artists from around the world. There were plenty of mouth-open-moments where we could not believe the amount of detail and work that had gone into the models on display.

Wulai Part 4 - The Deserted Wulai Dreamland Amusement Park
From the cable car exit at the top of Wulai Falls, we had to scale up a series of steps (past a little altar) to reach the Dreamland amusement park and once we did, found that most of the attractions were actually closed (at 5pm).


Wulai Part 3 - Wulai Falls
After a thorough soaking in the Wulai outdoor hot springs, Linh and I refuelled at the local 7-11 before deciding to walk up to Wulai Falls next. The distance ended up being further than we realised at around a kilometre and a half and the weather took a turn for the worse, pouring buckets that gave us a second, albeit unplanned, soaking.


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