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Fight Night at the Thaphae Muay Thai Stadium
We'd already seen the Thaphae Muay Thai Stadium during the day when it was deserted and we bought tickets to come back for an evening of Muay Thai action. I thought a whole night of fights might end up repetitive, but eventually found it to be surprisingly fun!


There were seven fights throughout the night which varied in weight divisions and an addition fight involving a pretty funny, blindfolded four man match up. The initial fights were probably the least interesting, consisting of the lower weight divisions and low impact action from young teenagers.

Loikroh Muay Thai Stadium by Day
In Chiangmai, we were told about two places to watch Muay Thai fights and the Loikroh Muay Thai Stadium on Loikroh Road was one of them. We didn't see any fights here in the end (preferring to go to the Thaphae Muay Thai Stadium instead) but were able wander in to have a look during the day.


The Loikroh Muay Thai Stadium was smaller than I imagined consisting of a fight ring and enough space around it to line up several rows of chairs. This area was flanked on all sides with bars (closed at the time) so that fight nights were clearly meant to be paired with an evening of drinking.

Thaphae Muay Thai Stadium by Day
The Thaphae Muay Thai Stadium, so called because it was right next to the Thaphae Gate, was also practically across the road from our hotel (Portico 21) in Chiangmai. It was where we eventually went to watch some Muay Thai, having failed to do so in Bangkok two weeks previously.


We dropped by during the day and whilst a few guys there at the entrance tried to get us to buy advance tickets, they did let us wander around inside and take photos.

Flight of the Gibbon Waterfall Trek
The second part of the Flight of the Gibbon experience was the opportunity to climb up to a waterfall. In comparison to zooming through the forest air by zipline, its pretty tame, but the effort required at least built our appetites up for the forthcoming lunch.


We were transported the short distance to the bottom of the waterfall and then were given some initial directions by some waiting staff. Our group was pretty much left to our own devices, although the route was straightforward.

Flight of the Gibbon Rainforest Zipline Adventure in Chiangmai
Voted Best Attraction in Thailand, the Flight of the Gibbon Rainforest Adventure billboards got our attention as we began planning our activities, soon after we arrived in Chiangmai.


We initially decided not to do it, since it didn't seem like an activity inherent to Thai culture and wasn't cheap either at 1700 THB (£33) each (normal full price was over 2000 THB). But then we changed our minds, since we didn't think we'd get many opportunities to do something like this often.

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