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Traditional Charms of Samcheong-dong
Samcheong-dong is touted as one of the trendiest cultural centres of Seoul and a wander along its quaint and charming streets showed us why.


Traditional Hanok architecture can be seen in Samcheong-dong along with unique boutiques, stylish cafes and creative product shops.

Korean Kids Song and Dance Promotion
Surprisingly, the closest we got to any Korean-Pop in Seoul was a kids song and dance promotion at the COEX shopping mall in Samseong. Well, at least it was elaborate enough to keep the kids happy. Revel in all the song and dance glory in the video clip below. Not sponsored by Zara.

Succulent Hangjeongsal Pork BBQ at Chungmuro
When Linh and I had left Seoul Tower, we had taken the no.2 yellow bus again and got off with most other passengers down at Chungmuro metro station, planning to make our way back to our hotel whilst finding something to eat onroute.


We thought we'd take a look around Chungmuro for food since the station was on a busy street lined with bars, restaurants and a cinema. Perusing some menus, we had eliminated some places which looked too local and too challenging to order in (we'd had a long day!), and ended up in a Korean bbq restaurant.

Seoul Tower and Seoul at Night
The N Seoul Tower is an art and culture multiplex that offers visitors views across most of Seoul. Located in central Seoul, the tower is considered a symbol of the capital and stands at 479 metres above sea level.


We got to the tower by taking the subway to Seoul metro station and walking part way up before deciding to catch the yellow bus no.2, which we conveniently saw on our way. An alternative route was to walk to the lower station of the Namsan cable car and take it up the mountain.

A Homage to Pickled Cabbage - The Kimchi Field Museum
In the land of kimchi, it felt like a homage to make a trip to the small Kimchi Field Museum at the COEX mall and try to understand more about the pickled cabbage and its health benefits! To say nothing about the fact that it was close to where we were staying and it happened to be pouring with rain outside at the time...


But I'd not be giving the place full credit as it turned out to be a nice little visit with a couple of highlights.

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