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Singapore Art Museum
Located on downtown Singapore's Bras Basah Road, the Singapore Art Museum housed an impressive and diverse collection of pieces of Singaporean and Southeast Asian Modern and Contemporary Art.


Photos of exhibits weren't allowed - only photos of architectural features were permitted, so my "documentation" is limited. However, we did manage to bypass the entrance fee by turning up between 12-2pm, when entry was free.

National Museum of Singapore
As the oldest museum in the country, the National Museum of Singapore prides itself on introducing cutting-edge ways of presenting history. It does this within a fantasic, Neo-Palladian and Renaissance architecturally-styled building consisting of two rectangular parallel blocks and a dome at the front.


As we entered the rotunda at the front entrance, we faced the fantastic sculpture Love Tank (The Temple) by Indonesia artist S. Teddy Darmawan. It was pretty striking and I probably spent too much time trying to photograph it.

Singapore River Cruise and Views at Night
During the evening, we took the opportunity of the Singapore River Cruise which spent half an hour going from one end of the river and back again. There was a little narration on the overhead speaker, but we were more content to just take in the visual sights. I could only take blurry night photos, so most of these below were from land.


It was clear to see that apart from a few landmarks, Singapore River also hosts a variety of restaurants, bars and night life venues.

Hello Kitty Musical Lantern and a Singapore Chinatown Toy Shop
The prospect of a Hello Kitty-free East Asian country never crossed my mind, and thank god as I would have been sorely disappointed. Hello Kitty sprung up in various forms in Singapore and no less "charming" than as a musical lantern with spinning balls inside *her*.


Intrigued? (You must be a girl then!) Nothing shouts more than actions and here's the video clip to prove it. Warning, the musical loop will stay in your mind for days after...

Chinese Heritage Museum - Superb Culture and History Display
Practically in the heart of Singapore's Chinatown is the excellent Chinese Heritage Museum. Chinatown seems to spread across several areas but the museum was within one of the market streets packed with stalls.


The Chinese Heritage Museum consisted of all three floors of an old shophouse and although this sounded quite small (the building was narrow), the engaging displays were packed with objects and artefacts and plenty of information. We spent a good two hours poring over them.

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