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Longhouse Visit Part 6 - Village Tour
On our second and last day at the Annah Rais Longhouse, Mr. Edwards took us on an hour long tour of his village. We had looked down the long bamboo verandah that runs along the length of the Longhouse and he took us beyond to other similar constructions.


As we were waiting - Mr. Edwards was already greeting the next party of visitors to arrive - we found Elena at the front of his house preparing the bamboo rice for the next group of trekkers.

Longhouse Visit Part 5 - Musical Instrument
To end our Educational Evening, Mr. Edwards brought out a couple of traditional instruments and demonstrated how to play them before letting us loose.


These were examples of a traditional Bidayuh musical instrument called 'pratong' which are made from bamboo. They're played by striking parts of the instrument to create a rhythm, as demonstrated in the video below.

Longhouse Visit Part 4 - How to Load Double Darts into a Blowdart Weapon
During our stay in the (Malaysian Borneo) Annah Rais Longhouse, our host Mr. Edwards introduced us to his blowdart during his Educational Evening.


It was a weapon we were looking forward to meeting and getting intimate with, although his authentic one was a couple of hundred years old and had, he insisted, killed people.

Longhouse Visit Part 3 - Educational Evening
Part of what made our visit to the Annah Rais Longhouse and to Mr. Edward's homestay special, was what I call his "Educational Evening". After our delicious dinner, Mr. Edward's joined us in his outdoor (covered) living room, the walls of which hung items of clothing, weapons and other historic, cultural objects.


The plan was for him to give us a bit of background about the Longhouse culture, history and his experiences. He did this accompanied by props that were all around us.

Longhouse Visit Part 2 - Jungle Trekking
The "highlight", if I can call it that, was the guided rainforest jungle trek that formed the bulk of our first day stay at the Longhouse village. I say "highlight" because I couldn't walk properly for about half a week afterwards! A truly satisfying trek.


Almost as soon as we arrived at the Longhouse village and left our stuff in the rooms we were staying in, we had to prepare for our jungle trek. We met our guide Elena, in the purple top below (who happened to be a mother of six and looked fantastic for it!) who explained that we should wear thick, high socks to protect our lower legs from leeches (eek!). We were able to borrow some.

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