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Superb Pitcher Plant Fountain in Kuala Lumpur
Taking a walking tour from our Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei (Lonely Planet Country Guide) through Colonial Kuala Lumpur, we found ourselves passing along Jln Raja Laut and in full view of this fabulous Pitcher Plant Fountain!


It's some kind of man-made fountain sculpture with water cascading down from the overflowing cups. The vegetation seem to have been planted in little holes set within the sculpture and gives it a bit of a natural life aesthetic, although the weathered texture and colour temperature does that anyway.

Pickle Buffet
Why a post about pickles? Well, I'm a massive pickle fan and have been all my life. Don't even get me started about pickled peaches (from Hong Kong)! Well, we came across a buffet offering an assortment of juicy pickles in the food court of the shopping mall below the Kuala Lumpur Tower.


Fantastic! Although I didn't actually know what most of the pickles were. A fair number seemed to be mangoes - all slightly different, but all green in colour. You can see there are a few other items - some plums and papaya I think.

Petronas Twin Towers
Well, since we visited Kuala Lumpur, we just had to visit the Petronas Twin Towers - even though the "double erections" appear to be visible from everywhere in the city!


We didn't however, get a chance to go up to the sky bridge, the bit between the towers on the 41st and 42nd floors, even though its the highest two storey bridge in the world. To get one of the free 1400 daily tickets, they have to be obtained first thing in the morning, during which a time is allocated for access later in the day.

Filming in Kuala Lumpur
Having seen filming taking in place in Malacca the week before, we had no sooner left the KL Menara Tower and walked down the street before we came across yet another film scene. Catching a filming scene in a public place often seems to be a rarity in the UK, and so at this rate, it seems that alot of films and dramas are shot in Malaysia by comparison!


The film scene was also shot right next to a busy KL road, this time using a parallel side street, though none of it was cordoned off.

Animal Zone at the Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower
The KL Tower Animal Zone was a mini zoo just next to the Tower itself and was included in the price of entrance up to the Tower. We wouldn't have paid separately to go in though, only because that wasn't the point of being up there.


However, it was quite a nice visit (if animals in captivity are your thing). Beyond the entrance hut above, the Animal Zone just extends in another couple of rooms, but the place is packed with tanks for insects and reptiles, and cages for large iguanas, birds, monkeys and other small mammals. Linh gets up close and personal with a snake. Sorta.

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