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Tim Ho Wan - One Michelin Starred Dim Sum in Hong Kong - World’s Cheapest Michelin Star Restaurant
I came across a ripple of blog posts online about a newish dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong (Kowloon) which had recently been awarded a Michelin Star and of course, Linh and I had to go. Called Tim Ho Wan, the place now seems to be the world's cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant.


If you didn't know it, Michelin ratings range from one to three stars and there are only a few hundred awarded in the whole world. Practically all serve expensive meals.

Finding Cheap Branded Beauty Supplies in Hong Kong
Two things I love about Hong Kong's retail industry. Shops move fast with old places closing and new ones opening quickly in the space of a few months, and different areas of Hong Kong can specialise in certain products creating hubs for some types of goods. Both these things seem to create and reflect the competitive nature of one of the Hong Kong people's favourite pastimes (shopping, with another being eating), and clusters like-minded shops together for the convenience of customers.


I came across a post on the blog Hong Kong Hustle about finding cheap beauty supplies, meaning cheaper than other areas in Hong Kong and not just internationally. Of course, this was for Linh and not me.

Tame Wild Bird in the New Territories
One day, just before we left Hong Kong to visit Singapore and Malaysia, we found this fella hanging around our front yard.


At first, we thought he was injured as he didn't fly away when we approached him, but something else must have been up as there didn't seem to be anything visibly wrong, physically. He didn't even flinch when our hands went near.

Seen in Hong Kong - Miniature Red Roast Birds
Restaurants brandishing red roast duck, goose and various kinds of bbq pork in their windows are as familiar a sight in worldwide Chinatowns as they are in Hong Kong on every street corner. But how about these little dudes?


We caught sight of these mini roast birds in the window of an establishment in Tai Po and haven't seen them anywhere else since. They're kinda dinky but not really cute when considered for people's consumption. The way the hanging rod is just jammed through their heads is also a little gross.

I thought these birds might be ducklings or gooselings and after we asked one of the staff what they were, I still don't know! They were called something like fa gnorr juerk which I translate as flower goose bird, though I'm probably wrong. Anyone know what these are?
Seen in Hong Kong - Skewed Legs Toilet signs
This toilet sign isn't revolutionary, but it did make me lol. I would have thought that the last thing you want when you're desperate to go - is a reminder that you're desperate to go.

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