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Seen in Hong Kong - Maid Employment Agency
Maid employment agencies are peppered around shopping malls in Hong Kong, though I've only really noticed them in our New Territories town of Tai Po.


This one in the Tai Po Mega Mall is a tiny place - so small that these luggage bags have to be left outside. They probably belonged to some new, potential recruits who had just arrived. It makes me flinch to see how easy it would be for one of these bags to be stolen, but I guess no one steals in Hong Kong.
Seen in Hong Kong - Jumpin’ Jackpot Granny
Near the top floor of the Dragon Centre in Sham Shui Po is an arcade centre that has a few of these simulated skipping machines below. The rope is represented by a light that moves around the ring of bulbs and as it rotates to the bottom, players are meant to jump off the pressure-sensitive mat.


Riveting stuff for a male in his thirties as you can tell, but things got more interesting when this old woman hobbled onto the mat (yes, that's a walking stick in her hands) to give it a go. I've no video to prove it, but she did bust a few moves to the machine, although she didn't actually bounce both feet off the ground at the same time.

My time in Hong Kong has so far taught me never to underestimate the older generation.
Seen in Hong Kong - Jackie Chan Endorses Hair Darkening Shampoo
I'm not sure who has more endorsements - Jackie Chan or Andy Lau, but seen in all cosmetics stores (and on TV ads) since we've been in Hong Kong are these hair darkening shampoos by Bawang. Happily-endorsed by Jackie Chan.


Age, unfortunately, catches up with everyone, no matter how immune this superstar is.
Langham Place Shopping Mall in Mong Kok - not for Acrophobics
There are plenty of shopping malls in Hong Kong, from the plazas surrounding most MTR stations to larger establishments like Festival Walk, New Town Plaza and the IFC Mall. I do wonder how they can all be sustained as I constantly marvel at the sheer quantity of shops that are everywhere in Hong Kong.


One such mall is Langham Place, signposted from within Mong Kok station and which I've visited a few times now. It contains a range of shops both big and small like most malls. And has a number of restaurants and a food court, like most malls.

Picture Moment : Hong Kong Airport
There's been a break in updates whilst we went away to Taipei and Seoul, but I'm about to start the deluge of posts again! Meanwhile, here's the obligatory airport plane photo that all amateur photographers seem to take whilst waiting to board. I did like the purple colour scheme of Thai Airways though...

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