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Baked Tarantulas and the Siem Reap Old Market
Linh and I checked out the Old Market (and also the New Market nearby) in Siem Reap a few times but did it with little enthusiasm since we had already seen "enough" in a multitude of markets in Bangkok the previous week. Still, on a different occasion it would be a lovely place to pick up some souvenirs - silk, clothes, textiles, statues and other craft curios. Some bright, bamboo-packaged spices caught my eye.


There's an area of the market for food stuff too and Linh went in search of some fruit whilst I wandered around.

Roadside Sellers in Cambodia
In Siem Reap, you can't missed the roadside vendors who sell all kinds of things, but mainly food stuff. It seems that any Cambodian with the time, skill and inclination can create some products and then set up shop at the side of a road.


We saw plenty of roadside vendors as we were ferried about in our hired tuk-tuk, but guess that only the locals will know what each vendor is selling as some items were hidden from view unless you stopped to look.

Eating an Ant at Banteay Srei
At one point visiting Banteay Srei, our guide Lucky motioned us towards a tree and stated that the huge red ants scampering all over the trunk could be eaten. Moments like these are what I find fascinating about countries that are so different to what we're used to. However, eating a live ant freshly picked off a tree?


Besides, I had a job to do - to photograph and document. So Linh, who is on a roll from eating insects in Bangkok, decides to go for it. Apparently, these ants taste really sour, enough to numb your tongue, and can be sprinkled over rice or mixed with fish paste to flavour it.

The Soup Dragon Restaurant in Siem Reap
Linh loves eating local food and asking our guide for recommendations in Siem Reap, we found ourselves at The Soup Dragon restaurant one evening.


We had seen it before as its close to the Old Market area and we simply thought that it was aimed at tourists, but our guide assured us that its popular with the locals, particularly in the mornings where they feast on a quality Khmer breakfast. By the evening when we visited, there were also a few tourist patrons too, including us!

Eating Insects in Thailand
Yeah, that's right, we sampled some insects. Some crickets and bamboo worms to be precise. There was a stall selling some fried insects along the road our hotel was on in Bangkok, so we had passed several times before stomaching the idea of trying some.


I started with the gentle exercise of taking a few photos and whilst Linh was waiting, the stall owner started talking to her, suggesting a few "tit bits" for her to try!

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