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Pulau Tioman Part 3 - Snorkeling Excursion
On our second day at Pulau Tioman, we had booked a snorkeling excursion that lasted about three hours. I had never snorkeled before, had never swam in the sea and in fact, am not very good at swimming! So I at least, had to practise in the resort pool the day before.


We had to get up early for breakfast before meeting the boat for a 9am start. At the jetty, there was a massive shoal of fish sheltering in the shade. The closest I'd ever been to one was with sardines in a zoo tank, so seeing them live below us made me want to just jump right into the middle of them! (Save for the fact that I can't swim well.)

Pulau Tioman Part 2 - Paya Beach Resort
There are a number of resorts to stay at on Pulau Tioman and our friend B recommended the Paya Beach Resort, as she had previously stayed there a few times herself. We loved it as it was a compact place right next to the beach with enough facilities for our needs!


We stayed at Paya for three nights having booked a two night package with an extra night extension. Our stay at Pulau Tioman seemed to be a perfect time - in between the peak season and monsoon season. The resort had a few visitors, enough for us to not feel awkward around empty restaurant seats and staff with nothing to do.

Pulau Tioman Part 1 - Malaysian Tropical Island Resort
During our visit to the neighbouring countries of Singapore and Malaysia, we took our friend B's suggestion to take an excursion to Pulau Tioman, the largest and most impressive of Malaysia's east coast islands.


I obviously haven't lived as our visit there was the first time that I'd ever stayed at a beach resort and what a fantastic experience it was! When we got there, I couldn't believe we were going to stay at such a beautiful location and at a resort right next to the beach. Not to mention the hot tropical climate!

Singapore Night Safari
Imagine spending the whole afternoon at the zoo - how would you feel doing it again in the evening? That's what we felt after walking around Singapore Zoo and sitting down for our dinner before checking out the Night Safari. Thankfully, it was a good, albeit different experience, that seemed to fly by, even though we spent a good 4 hours there.


As you could probably guess, the Night Safari only opened at night (from 7.30pm until midnight)) although the preceding shops and restaurants opened earlier. The Night Safari's inhabitants were nocturnal, being active mostly at night. There were over a thousand of them and about one hundred and fifteen species occupying forty hectares of forest.

Seoul Animation Centre and the House of Cartoons
We saw the Seoul Animation Centre on the way to Seoul Tower by bus and were mildly captivated by the cartoon statues that were dotted around its exterior. After some net research we decided to pop back via the closest metro station, Myeong-Dong.


The Seoul Animation Centre appeared to be a mecca for kids. Comprising two sets of buildings, there is the Center itself and also the House of Cartoons located a car park away.

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