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King Cobra Chiangmai Show - Not for the Snake Shy
The King Cobra show was obviously not for the faint-hearted ophiophobic (fear of snakes) but for us, turned out surprisingly to be a barrel of laughs! The show was basically a half hour narrated introduction to several breeds of snakes as they were taken out of their boxes by various snake handlers in turn and paraded in the centre ring.


There weren't many people in the audience - just us, a pair of English tourists (one of whom had ophiophobia) and a small Japanese family of three.

Arriving in Bangkok
What I love about every city we've been to in East Asia is that they each have a unique flavour and sometimes a reputation to be experienced. None more so than Bangkok, Asia's urban centre of street food and exotic entertainment (my own interpretation)!


Each visitor's experience of a place defines their view of it, and whilst I harboured some reservations about how safe Bangkok was, visiting the city turned out to be a great experience and dispelled any misgivings I had.

Filming in Kuala Lumpur
Having seen filming taking in place in Malacca the week before, we had no sooner left the KL Menara Tower and walked down the street before we came across yet another film scene. Catching a filming scene in a public place often seems to be a rarity in the UK, and so at this rate, it seems that alot of films and dramas are shot in Malaysia by comparison!


The film scene was also shot right next to a busy KL road, this time using a parallel side street, though none of it was cordoned off.

Filming in Malacca
During one of our late afternoon strolls around historical Malacca, just west of the river, we came across some filming taking place. Anyone who has worked in film or tv knows that it can be quite boring waiting around in between scenes. But the glamour and excitement is also palpable, and so we approached the scene with interest.


The camera was actually shooting down a cordoned off part of a large street, next to some picturesque building facades.

Pulau Tioman Part 4 - Coast and Forest Walk from Paya Beach Resort to Genting
Later in the afternoon, after our morning snorkeling trip, Linh and I decided to explore Pulau Tioman island a little further and took the path south to head towards the next village Genting. It took us about an hour before we reached the Genting jetty, but probably took the locals half an hour or less.


Walking through Paya, where our resort was located, only took a few minutes. In the photo above, we had scaled up an outcrop of rock at the edge of Paya and could still see the jetty not far away. We passed our snorkeling excursion guide along the way and when we told him where we were going, he advised us to just follow the electricity cables.

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