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H1 Urban Complex for Creatives
For the designer in me, we had shortlisted the H1 Urban Complex as a place to check out in Bangkok. From photos we'd seen, its a modern looking, elegant place with a few designery shops to visit. It's located in Soi Thonglor, apparently the centre of trendy lifestyles in Bangkok.


When we got there, the H1 Complex was a nice enough little corner away from the street, but to be honest, there wasn't much to do. There was a fashion college there, and what I think was a coffee shop beside an inside courtyard.

Thailand Creative & Design Center
The Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) was on my list to visit in Bangkok, since my work is design-based. It was on the 6th floor of the Emporium Shopping Complex located at Phrom Phong BTS Skytrain station, so easy to find.


It seems the centre is of most benefit to Thais, since it was set up by their government as part of an economic initiative to provide capital to enable designers to realise and develop their ideas and creativity to improve and add value to their products.

Flower Lamp Posts of Kuala Lumpur
During our walking tour from our Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Lonely Planet Country Guide book, through Colonial Kuala Lumpur, we saw these cool looking lamp posts.


Though nothing short of a War of the Worlds martian tripod can disguise those protruding lamps, the addition of the petals and leaves goes some way towards integrating them with the surroundings. That's more obvious when seeing the posts amongst all the other greenery nearby.

Superb Pitcher Plant Fountain in Kuala Lumpur
Taking a walking tour from our Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei (Lonely Planet Country Guide) through Colonial Kuala Lumpur, we found ourselves passing along Jln Raja Laut and in full view of this fabulous Pitcher Plant Fountain!


It's some kind of man-made fountain sculpture with water cascading down from the overflowing cups. The vegetation seem to have been planted in little holes set within the sculpture and gives it a bit of a natural life aesthetic, although the weathered texture and colour temperature does that anyway.

Singapore Art Museum
Located on downtown Singapore's Bras Basah Road, the Singapore Art Museum housed an impressive and diverse collection of pieces of Singaporean and Southeast Asian Modern and Contemporary Art.


Photos of exhibits weren't allowed - only photos of architectural features were permitted, so my "documentation" is limited. However, we did manage to bypass the entrance fee by turning up between 12-2pm, when entry was free.

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