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Ximending Singer Performer

Apparently, Ximending is the place for Taiwanese celebrities to make a public appearance (Jay Chou?) as well as for lesser known performers to sing to the public. At one of the pedestrianised cross roads, we came across a singer crooning her way through a few tracks - probably her own judging by her posters and CD's.


The pedestrianised junction was pretty big so that there was still a big circle of space in front of the singer despite a wavering crowd of onlookers. You can hear a bit of her singing in the video below:

I did wonder however, how the area copes when a celebrity appears, attracting much larger crowds. I guess all the fans would filter down each road off the junction but things would have to be pretty organised to keep things under control. Would the surrounding shops still trade? Would the hawkers hang around only for their escape routes to be blocked by the crowds?

Answers on a comcard please (comment - postcard thing...).

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18/08/09  at  02:09 PM
Actually, celebs don't tend to make a lot of unscheduled appearances in Ximending, and Jay Chou never shows his face there. When stars do show up, it's for autograph sessions, and a stage will be set up. Usually this happens at the big intersection of the main drag and "Movie Street" (more often for minor celebrities) or in the huge square of the Red House Theater for the big ones. Last weekend was Jam Hsiao (蕭敬騰) and F.I.R., and the entire square was filled for several hours. The events are almost always during the day on weekends, so hawkers aren't affected as much (they tend to come out more after dark, and there are no hawkers at the Red Theater).

Wang Leehom is scheduled to appear the Sunday after next, so that will be a huge weekend. Incidentally, the girl in your article is there very often - she is perhaps the most active busker in that area.
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18/08/09  at  02:26 PM
Thanks Taispy - useful info - and thanks for reading the post!

Speaking of the Red House Theatre - on a Saturday afternoon that we were there, the square was packed with people queuing with umbrellas to protect them from the sun.

I've no idea how they can stand it, it was so hot even in the shade. We didn't see what they were queuing for but if it was for a celebrity, then I guess its understandable.
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18/08/09  at  02:39 PM
I'll bet that was the weekend the boy band Lollipop (棒棒糖) was there. I couldn't believe it either, particularly since that band isn't very good. However, they always draw huge crowds whenever they visit Ximending. People in Taiwan love standing in lines, so I don't think the sun ever deters anyone (nor the rain).

These posts are great, by the way. I should probably be doing something like this myself, since I live right in Ximending and tend to know what's happening. I think I've gotten a little spoiled over the past couple of years, so I forget how cool a place it really is!
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18/08/09  at  03:01 PM
Actually, it was a Sunday - 12th July to be exact!

Thanks! We visited Taipei for 10 days in total and right now, I've yet to post another 33 entries on our trip! Going live in the coming days.. Please read along if you've the time - I suspect you'll be able to correct alot of my observations!

As for writing your own blog - definitely! I've found there's always daily observations and things we do that end up on this site, that I am sure I'd otherwise forget. I'm not sure how into blog development you are, but I can suggest ways if you're interested!

Linh and I both loved Taiwan and are thinking of visiting again in Winter - specifically for the hot springs in Wulai!

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