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Wulai Part 4 - The Deserted Wulai Dreamland Amusement Park

From the cable car exit at the top of Wulai Falls, we had to scale up a series of steps (past a little altar) to reach the Dreamland amusement park and once we did, found that most of the attractions were actually closed (at 5pm).




We weren't too fussed since we had read that the facilities were a little "frayed around the edges" and upon seeing them, were unlikely to have used them anyway. Most of the attractions seemed better suited for young children. Since we had come this far, I wanted to make a point of seeing what there was at least.

The first thing we saw was a hotel, which would have looked abandoned if not for two receptionists almost hidden from view behind a room length front desk.


We crossed over a typically designed East-Asian bridge and wandered through a small scale amusement park sporting a variety of attractions within its undulating grounds.


The amusements included small rides, various shooting ranges and a boating lake full of fish.


There was also a swimming pool which seemed to contain the only people in the whole of the park - a small family and an attendant busying themselves with some cleaning.

Watch our video below to get a sense of the atmosphere..

The whole experience of wandering through Dreamland was pretty eerie, with the state of the attractions making me feel almost embarrassed for the resort.


A real shame since the location was superb, and could potentially intersperse engaging activities within a fresh, healthy and completely natural habitat.


I did wonder whether the place attracts any significant numbers of visitors but have read of people that take short breaks at the hotel, being content with the facilities, in order to get away from it all.


With hindsight, as quiet as it was, I think I actually enjoyed the deserted Dreamland experience. With the cable car closing at 8pm, I did wonder whether there was any other route out to civilisation and thought Dreamland would make a superb location for a horror/slasher movie.


More photos of Wulai Dreamland on Flickr



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