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Wualai Road Night Market

We went to the Chang Klan Road Night Bazaar yesterday evening and whereas that's a nightly, fixed location shopping area, the Wualai Road Night Market is temporary, with stalls pitching up every Saturday.


It takes place on the lengthy Wualai Road, especially long when faced with all the ambling visitors, both local and tourists browsing at leisure. The area is actually an old city silver-making district which apparently still has silversmiths banging out their creations during the day on various metal household wares and surfaces.


One end of Wualai Road starts close to Chiangmai Gate, one of the ways into the old city and is blocked off from vehicle traffic from 4pm until 11pm.


It's considered an old style market, an established event where talented crafts people sell their creative endeavours alongside vendors of fresh, northern Thai food. Having already been to the Chang Klan Road Night Bazaar, we did start to see a few stalls with very similar products. Here are a few things we saw.


One craftsman makes up straw hats, whilst another sold wooden crossbows and bows.



This large lump of black jelly is a vegetable jelly made by a Chinese plant, according to the sign. It might be grass jelly, but didn't try any to find out.



A team of blind buskers.


A young Thai girl, donned in traditional gear and full face make-up does a little dance to music for change. Cute or creepy?


Palm Heart Puff. Read the sign for more info..



The bowls on this stall below were a mixture of beans or some kind. We ended up having a sweet and strong ginger soup drink since we were both feeling a bit off.


A small seating area was at the back of the stall for us to drink our ginger soup.


I tried some tornado potato. We saw these in Hong Kong and online a few times but never tried it. Dusted with some paprika, it was just like eating slices of soft chips.


Our dinner ended up being a plate of pad thai.


We took a songthaew back towards Thapae Gate, near our hotel.



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