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Wat Pho Part 3 - Thai Massage

Probably the most anticipated part of visiting Wat Pho was the Thai massage that Linh and I wanted to go for. It was also almost the first time that I'd had any kind of professional massage (first time was in Taiwan) and so it would be interesting to get a Thai massage in such a renowned place for its technique. Since we had spent the whole day walking around The Grand Palace and Wat Pho, a massage afterwards would be well timed.


Luckily, we came across the two blocks where the massages were being carried out, in time to be booked in, since they were actually closing a bit earlier that day. Though it was busy, we didn't have to wait.


We had to book in and pay at one block and then moved with our therapists to the other block where we were given some loose trousers to wear. For the next hour, Linh and I then had ourselves pulled, bent, squashed and stretched in various positions. It definitely made the last bit of wandering around the rest of Wat Pho lighter, before we left.

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