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Visiting the New Territories

I mentioned previously that our home in Hong Kong for the year will be in the New Territories. Although I also mentioned that most people think of Hong Kong Island when they think of visiting Hong Kong, the New Territories isn't that far away and is certainly close enough to visit for a day or half-day.


I don't think you can expect too much there, but at the very least, I've seen inner city Hong Kong residents come out to the New Territories to hire bikes, pick strawberries or use some barbecue facilities. I'll be checking out what there is to do in and around our village once I'm there but I will be trying to refrain from making any comparisons to the amenities available in London. I don't think that would be fair!

Besides, as simple and basic as hiring a bike is, the idea is appealing simply because you're surrounded by habitat waiting to be ridden through. (There are bike lanes aplenty.)

Getting to our part of the New Territories is simple. You'll need to get to the KCR station "Tai Po" (not "Tai Po Market") which is in the north end of the line, towards China. Once there, you can follow the signs to the buses which are close to the KCR exit, via a series of subways, in a large covered station. You'll need to look for the 75k bus to "Tai Mei Tuk". Once you get on there, simply stay on the bus until you get to Tai Mei Tuk, which is only about a twenty minute bus ride away.

I'll be following up with more information on what's down at Tai Mei Tuk, but the last I heard was that there are plans afoot to turn the place into a tourist hotspot. Whatever that means.

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