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Visiting Siem Reap - Cambodia’s Historical Rough Diamond

Why Cambodia? The country first came to mind back in March 2009 when Linh and I went to Vietnam. With an average temperature in the mid-thirties, the heat was almost unbearable (especially coming from the UK) and we heard that Cambodia next door was even hotter. No way.


Later in the year, when we mentioned to some friends that we were going to Bangkok / Thailand, they adamantly suggested going to Cambodia instead which would be a different experience, particularly with the famous Angkor ruins. Our interest was piqued but since we still wanted to tick off the Thai capital, we decided to visit both. Besides, we have both gotten used to the tropical climate now and love it.


Planning our visit to Cambodia

We carried out our usual online research and eventually booked a stay at a guest house and that was it. Our choice was the Two Dragons Guesthouse - an inexpensive but highly recommended place - whereupon their advice (via email), was that we could arrange all our tours once we arrived. Forget being worried about being ripped off. After checking online, plenty of visitors had vouched for the guesthouse's unbiased advice and booking help.


So it was that we turned up to Siem Reap with our e-visas by plane, and were met by Marom, a tuk-tuk driver who offered the Two Dragon's complimentary ride straight to the hotel (which only took about twenty minutes).


Planning our schedule

Working out what to do in Cambodia was quite easy as we gave ourselves enough time to take four days worth of tours if necessary. Once we'd settled in at the guesthouse, we asked the reception what we could do in those days.


We decided to take in the two main temple circuits close to Siem Reap, which took up two days, then a day covering a cluster of sites a bit further away, and the last day on a floating village much further away, together with a distant temple site. The Two Dragons Guesthouse organised everything for us, booking Marom the tuk-tuk driver for those days, and an additional tour guide who would accompany us for three days,

With our four days ahead planned, Linh and I spent the remainder of the evening walking down to the Siem Reap centre to explore the Old Market and the Night Market.

Siem Reap

Signs of new tourist money was evident even just outside our guesthouse where lots of road resurfacing was taking place.


More photos below of the things we saw in Siem Reap.









This tourist below was trying out a fish spa therapy. There were lots of places offering this around the Siem Reap Night Market.



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