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Video - Nibbling Fish Spa at Singapore Zoo

Just outside the entrance to Singapore Zoo, there's a fish spa and massage place as well as a bunch of restaurants. We heard about these fish spas before where victims pay to put their feet into tanks of "doctor fish", whereupon the fish get stuck in and nibble on all the dead skin cells they can get their lips around.


Sounds very "win-win" except that according to Linh, it was a little painful to have all these fish biting away at her feet! Watch the video below to see the fish swarm around her feet when she dips them into the tank.

The fish spa treatment cost S$10 (£4.35) for ten painful minutes. I had a shoulder massage in the room next door while Linh fed the fish and when I came out, I found her only dipping her heels in (tough skin).


If you happen to be visiting Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari in one day (which you can do back to back as the safari only opens in the evening about an hour after the zoo has closed) and fancy trying the fish spa out, it's worth pointing out that the Night Safari also has a fish spa inside, but its a little more expensive.

After visiting Singapore Zoo and whilst waiting for the Night Safari to open, we had an hour which was enough time to get our spa treatments and have a bite to eat. We got some Nasi Lemak (shown in the close up below) and Nonya Chicken Curry from the Ah Meng Kopi - a food place named after the zoo's famous Sumatran Orangutan Ah Meng who passed away in 2008.



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