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Typical Groceries Prices in the New Territories

The price of local food can be dirt cheap in the New Territories and I thought I'd outline how much we pay for a few items.

Some of the basic fruits we buy are a couple of papayas for $20 (£1.82), ten satsumas for $10 (91p), a bunch of grapes for $20 and a bunch of bananas at $5 (45p).


Vegetable-wise, Linh bought two bunches of choi sum today at $8 (73p) which is really cheap since it can cost around £2 in London.

I'm at risk of over-eating Chinese buns since this bunch only cost $23 (£2.09).


Finally, we sometimes get some char sui and roast duck meat takeaways and complete the meal at home with vegetables and rice. A couple of "sticks" of char sui (sliced for us) cost $24 (£2.18) and half a roast duck (chopped up) cost $50 (£4.55).


With hindsight, some groceries can be cheap, but not that cheap because of the exchange rate. Last year, all of the above would have cost us approximately a third of the price when the pound was at the sixteen Hong Kong dollar mark.

Now its at the ten to eleven mark and I can only drown in my sorrows with some expensive booze from Lan Kwai Fong.

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