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TV Asashi Headquarters in Roppongi Hills

Within the grounds of the urban luxury destination, Roppongi Hills, is the headquarters for the TV Asashi network. It's not a major exhibition hall as we would have hoped for, but since we were in the area exploring Roppongi Hills, we wandered in and were at least able to explore the foyer and the shop containing a mix of TV Asashi memorabilia and general tourist items.


If you're a fan of the network then I guess you'd probaby love checking out the foyer which hosts lots of posters and banners of its productions on its walls and amongst the bars framing the giant, glass outfacing wall.

Naturally, we didn't recognise any of the posters, though were able to appreciate a scale model of a weathered-looking battleship and a mini Tokyo Tower which must still have stood over 30 feet.


Linh of course, warmed up to a larger than life model of Doraemon.


More Asahi TV photos on Flickr

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