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Top Selling Items in Tokyo at Shop ranKing ranQueen

In Shibuya, we wanted to check out the store ranKing ranQueen, where the "hottest, quirkiest consumer products are ranked every month according to sales".


There are several branches but we visited the one that's actually inside Shibuya station. It wasn't that big a store and my thoughts of seeing a variety of interesting consumer items were not realised when the categories of products seemed to consist mainly of beauty products and snacks.

The products themselves were lined up on shelves as usual for a shop and the top three selling items of any particular kind of product were stacked next to each other for easy comparison.


Naturally, I spent more time in the snacks area and these dried fruit snacks caught my eye. Wouldn't packets of melon and mango, branded as Fruit Ninja, not catch yours? However, they weren't as tasty as they looked.



Products are also displayed in the shop window in a grid-like format, where labels indicate how each item ranks. You can see some of them in the store photo above. The only thing missing are large "top ten" stickers to show each item's position...

I wasn't too fussed with ranKing ranQueen, although the store was definitely worth a visit. After browsing the products however, I get the feeling that you'd make the most out of the store concept if you visit on a regular basis to see which popular products the Japanese people are buying.

For more information (in Japanese) check the ranKing ranQueen website

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