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Things to do in Stanley, South of Hong Kong Island

We visited Stanley today, which is a settlement south of Hong Kong Island. It's been a fishing village in the past and today is popular with Westerners since its only about 15km from Central.


There's no MTR access so we get the bus 973 from Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, which takes us across to the island and up and down a hilly route from the north to the south of the island.

There are a few things to do here depending on what you like. The main attraction seems to be Stanley Market, which was quiet when we visited mid-week, but is apparently heaving during the weekends.


Its full of the usual tourist tat I find though, with statues and ornaments of all sizes, prints and paintings, bags and clothes and all manner of passable gifts for friends back home. Its all stuff that's beginning to turn me off.

Anything I'd consider genuine or remotely interesting and worth buying is going to be hard to distinguish from the sea of goods, particularly when the prices seem elevated for the tourists and western inhabitants of Stanley. I wouldn't restrict this to Stanley either.

There's also the Tin Hau temple nearby which is good for taking a few exterior photos (no photos allowed inside) and viewing the highly decorated altars inside. The darkened pelt of a tiger shot in 1942 is displayed inside, though it sounds more impressive than it looks.


We bypassed the maritime museum since photography inside isn't allowed. Strangely enough, the highlight for our excursion was clamouring over the rocks next to the short pier to find a boulder shaped like a large stone sofa.


What occurs to me more about Stanley is that its a pleasant seaside retreat away for when the Chineseness of Hong Kong gets all too much. There are pubs and bars along the sea front with branches of Pizza Express and MacDonalds. I can easily see a relaxing afternoon spent nursing a pint in front of the fantastic view of the sea. Perhaps for next time.


Click here for more photos from Stanley here.

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