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The Superb Miniatures Museum of Taiwan

Whether or not scale models are your thing, the Miniatures Museum or Taiwan is a highly recommended visit! It was one of the highlights of our trip to Taipei (of which there are a few...) and absorbed us for over two hours, despite the miniature size (!) of the exhibition space.


The Miniatures Museum is located discreetly in the basement of a tower block and brings together works by miniature artists from around the world. There were plenty of mouth-open-moments where we could not believe the amount of detail and work that had gone into the models on display.

The museum's signature piece is the massive Rose Mansion which welcomed us when we first entered, and which contained interiors viewable from the back.


There were walls of three dimensional frames containing complete interiors illustrating childrens playrooms, kitchens, gentlemen's rooms and more, mostly recreating specific periods of history. This example below depicts the fantasy world of Pinnochio including both an upper bedroom and his maker's workshop.


A far simpler diorama again from Pinnochio caught my eye with its inventive use of cotton wool!


There were a few fantasy themed works including one scene with fairies but this tree house must be every boy's dream made *real*.


Speaking of fairies, more miniatures brought some traditional fairy tales to life, with stories such as Alice in Wonderland and Jack and the Beanstalk being represented, but I pored over this highly detailed scene from Gulliver's Travels.


For some reason, the following model of a Texaco garage, built on a real tire, also became one of my favourites.


Many of the models were classified into different countries which made I felt made them all the more interesting and relevant for visitors. For instance these ancient ruins represented Rome.


Whilst this English Castle, complete with soldiers, portrayed England.


There were also a number of Tudor period miniatures.


But my absolute favourite has to be the miniature Japanese street incorporating a number of miniature businesses set during the cherry blossom season.




Loads more photos of the Miniatures Museum of Taiwan on Flickr.

Visit the Miniatures Museum of Taiwan website.

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