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The Soup Dragon Restaurant in Siem Reap

Linh loves eating local food and asking our guide for recommendations in Siem Reap, we found ourselves at The Soup Dragon restaurant one evening.


We had seen it before as its close to the Old Market area and we simply thought that it was aimed at tourists, but our guide assured us that its popular with the locals, particularly in the mornings where they feast on a quality Khmer breakfast. By the evening when we visited, there were also a few tourist patrons too, including us!


From the menu, The Soup Dragon Restaurant offered a mix of quality Khmer and Western dishes, as well as Vietnamese cuisine. When we first went in, the staff asked us if we were going to order a hot pot as they could only serve it on the ground floor. We weren't going to, so were able to grab a table on the balcony giving us a view of the street below. The tables below us were mostly holding hot pots and accompanying dishes, as you can see by the square heaters.



With our dinner, we started with a plate of pickles, onions, peanuts and dried shrimps. This was followed quickly by a Cambodian pancake containing pork and shrimp (seen folded in the photo with Linh at the top).


The bulk of our meal came in two natural bowls made of banana leaves (?). The one on the left was a Special Cambodian Prahoc Sauce made from a Tonle Sap Fish and served with fresh vegetables. (This might also be known as an Amok Fish dish, but I'm not sure.)

The leaf bowl dish on the right was the Prahoc Sauce with minced pork. The bowl at the bottom was the Cambodian Hot and Sour Soup.


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