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Thaphae Muay Thai Stadium by Day

The Thaphae Muay Thai Stadium, so called because it was right next to the Thaphae Gate, was also practically across the road from our hotel (Portico 21) in Chiangmai. It was where we eventually went to watch some Muay Thai, having failed to do so in Bangkok two weeks previously.


We dropped by during the day and whilst a few guys there at the entrance tried to get us to buy advance tickets, they did let us wander around inside and take photos.


One of them explained that the tickets are sold in two tiers. VIP tickets for 600 THB (£11.50) that allow you to sit closer to the ring and normal tickets for 400 THB (£7.65) for seats further away. All seats come with tables to encourage you to drink and eat while you watch.




In one corner of the whole room was the waiting and warming up area for the fighters.




Out of two Muay Thai venues in Chiangmai, we chose to go to the Thaphae Stadium as it was described as being more popular with visitors. More about what we saw, together with videos of the fights, in a future post!

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