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Taipei Flour Rice Noodles Flavoured with Pigs Insides

In exploring Ximending, we came across a sight that shouldn't surprise us - lots of Taiwanese (or Chinese) people standing around eating. The crowd made us look because each person was eating out of an identical bowl and slurping on exactly the same thing.


In fact, these standing diners were clustered around the Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle place and judging by the amount of enthusiastic diners and continuous queue, and the sign bearing the 1975 date, we assumed that the dish was a Taiwanese institution that we had to try. Especially since it was pretty cheap - though I can't remember exactly how much.


The dish itself is very tasty and though it just seems to contain nothing but rice noodles in broth, the flavouring is subtle enough to eat on its own. I've since found out that the broth's excellent flavour is made up of not-so-excellent ingredients: the inside of pigs. But as a Chinese person, why should I be surprised? I shouldn't be, but on this night in Taipei, I inexcusably was.


Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodles. Try some. The shop is close to the Ximending exit out of Ximen MRT station.

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16/09/09  at  03:48 PM
If you're talking pig intestines then it's probably something I would prefer to miss. I can never forgive my parents for occasionally sipping some into the odd dish.
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16/09/09  at  04:24 PM
I think it is. Seems very common and popular around East Asia...

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