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Surprising Household Appliance Fish Tanks and more at the COEX Aquarium

The COEX Aquarium, located in the COEX Mall at Samseong station, is apparently the largest in Seoul with around 40,000 fish and other creatures in 90 tanks. It's also the most creative I've been to.


There are typical themes for rooms and displays such as the Deep Blue Sea, the Mangrove and Beach and the Amazon Tropical Jungle and these consist of simple but massive tanks to gawk at, or creatively composed forests.

However, there is a section called "Fish's Wonderland" which displays inhabitants in all kinds of unusual household appliances and furniture that of course, has been especially adapted.

For instance, check this bed, washing machine and fridge!




The household PC does not escape the tank treatment either and neither does a coke machine of all things. I think it still worked too, although no one ventured to buy a can.



This "bath" was protected with a plastic cover, but incorporated child-sized holes for kids to poke their hands into the water and feel the tiny fish in the bath tub peck at their fingers.


Children were well-catered for at the COEX Aquarium where there was a dedicated kids area presenting tanks within funky decor and a "Marine Touch" section to allow starfish to be handled.




One of the rooms also housed an indoor carp-filled pond surrounding a model of a Korean pavilion, set within a traditionally-designed interior (complete with bridge).



As with most aquariums, there were also public feeding times for its various inhabitants and we caught the seal one.


Other things we saw included a shoal of Sardines, some Seadragons and just simply, tanks of beautifully coloured fish...



If all else, fails, then there is also the ubiquitous photo opportunity with a set of shark's teeth.


Like most aquariums, the entry fee for the COEX Aquarium wasn't cheap, but at 15,500 KRW (£7.50) was still affordable.

More COEX Aquarium photos on Flickr.


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Wow I want a fish tank bed and fish tank appliances it's out of this world!

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