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Superb Pitcher Plant Fountain in Kuala Lumpur

Taking a walking tour from our Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei (Lonely Planet Country Guide) through Colonial Kuala Lumpur, we found ourselves passing along Jln Raja Laut and in full view of this fabulous Pitcher Plant Fountain!


It's some kind of man-made fountain sculpture with water cascading down from the overflowing cups. The vegetation seem to have been planted in little holes set within the sculpture and gives it a bit of a natural life aesthetic, although the weathered texture and colour temperature does that anyway.


I have to admit that the rich and warm sepia tone comes more from my camera setting than the sculpture itself and you can see the difference in the video below.


The way this fountain looked is just like the kind of stuff that I like designing and it has a touch of *fantasy* that pushes it out from looking like a conventional tree. You can tell I loved this fountain by all the photos I took of it. However, I couldn't find out very much about it either online or in our guide book.





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