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Super Potato Arcade Retroland in Akihabara for Retro Consoles, Game Cartridges and more

We were walking through Akihabara's Electric Town and came across a slim, black building plastered with retro graphics of Pac-Man and Mario. What else could we do but investigate!


It turned out that the top three floors make up the Super Potato store which is a place that retro game enthusiasts will love! We did come across a few other shops selling retro games, but none as comprehensive as Super Potato.

Retro Arcade Machines

We headed straight to the top floor first which is an arcade outfitted with many coin-ops from my teen years. My eyes lit up seeing all these machines in one place, definitely taking me back all those years.


If you're my age, you'll recognise arcades like Double Dragon, R-Type and Salamander. I'm not sure how impressed Linh was but she was gracious enough to accompany me on a two player romp through Final Fight. Here she is with an enlarged Mario figure.


Retro Game Cartridges and Consoles

The second two floors below were packed with aisles of cartridges for a variety of retro consoles.


I didn't make out what the difference was between the two floors - but they seemed likely to have split the categorisation of cartridges and consoles.

I never ventured into the imported console market when I was growing up so I recognised alot of the items on offer, but just never owned them before.


Most of the consoles and cartridges on sale were for Japanese versions of machines such as the Super Famicon - the Japanese version of the Nintendo SNES.


There was also a number of consoles set up so that you could try out some games.


Super Potato seemed to be a great place to pick up some retro games, or even a collection of cartridges and a console if you're looking to begin or revive an interest in Japanese retro gaming. If not, there was also a limited number of other merchandise on display such as key chains, soft toys and figurines.


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Hi there,

The address is:

Building 1-11-2 Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 3F/4F/5F Kitabayashi

If you go to Google's translated page here, you'll see the addresses of the other stores and links to maps..

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