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Succulent Hangjeongsal Pork BBQ at Chungmuro

When Linh and I had left Seoul Tower, we had taken the no.2 yellow bus again and got off with most other passengers down at Chungmuro metro station, planning to make our way back to our hotel whilst finding something to eat onroute.


We thought we'd take a look around Chungmuro for food since the station was on a busy street lined with bars, restaurants and a cinema. Perusing some menus, we had eliminated some places which looked too local and too challenging to order in (we'd had a long day!), and ended up in a Korean bbq restaurant.

The place was closing within 45 mins, the waitress informed us and stressed we had to order quickly! Though we raised one eyebrow at the packed restaurant, we were ushered to the second floor where it was decidedly quieter.


Each table had its own heat source with a ventilation pipe directly above. We ordered quickly as we had already seen the (English) menu outside and ended up with something called Hangjeongsal, which is a kind of pork meat.

It wasn't the cheapest meat on the menu, but looked appetising, and a plate of the stuff eventually came with the usual kimchi, leaves and other trimmings.

I've since found out that Hangjeongsal is a revered cut taken from the front of a pig's neck. It's meant to have enough fat to soak up flavour, but not so much as to feel fatty. It's also a little more expensive than other cuts because there's apparently so little of it in each pig.

Our waitress had helped set up the cooking and also put our portion of kimchi on the hot plate too, right in front of a draining channel for the oil, which poured out into a little dish.


As the little cuts of Hangjeongsal slowly browned, we sampled some by folding them together with some sauces, vegetables and warm kimchi, into a lettuce leave. The result was quite tasty, but without knowing what we were eating, the meat tasted quite fatty since we didn't feel the usual texture of say a pork chop.


Naive I know, but still, the meat was tasty enough for both of us to continue and fill ourselves full.

There are a few more photos of Hangjeongsal Pork BBQ on Flickr.

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