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Singapore Zoo Part 3 - Lemurs and Bats - Video

One of the fascinating enclosures that we went inside at Singapore Zoo was a massive aviary that contained a community of Ring-tailed Lemurs and Malayan Flying Foxes.


Knowing nothing about either I wondered about both species living together but at least learnt that they're both mammals, with the bats being the only mammals that can fly.


I guess the Flying Foxes are nocturnal too, since they were attempting to hang, whilst the Lemurs were actively jumping around and eating. Nature takes its course, as this fella above demonstrated to us.

We spent quite a while with the Lemurs and stationary Foxes, since it was free range and the inhabitants were inches away from us. Even when some of the animals in Singapore Zoo were at a distance, the fact that the only thing separating us was air, rather than glass or steel just seems to make all the difference.






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