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Singapore Zoo Part 1 - The Best Zoo in the World

Out of all the zoos in East Asia, Singapore Zoo is the one we had most anticipation for since we'd heard it is one of the world's best. And I have to say, its a deserved title, though I've not been to all the world's zoos.


Taking a bus directly there, we found that there are three attractions : Singapore Zoo, the Jurong Bird Park and the Night Safari. Since we only had a day to spare, we just opted for a two-in-one ticket, leaving out the Bird Park. That way, we could spend the day at the zoo, have an hour break and then the night at the safari, which didn't open until 7.30pm anyway.

Straight after we entered the zoo, we took a photo opportunity with some parrots. Free, as our own camera was used by a zoo staff member.


We then managed to make for one of the publicised feeding times - for the White Tigers - who were thrown pieces of meat over a moat, by a zoo keeper who narrated some information about the species.


Apart from the scenic landscaping of the zoo's enclosures, one of the great things about the design is that there are less of the bars and more of nature's barriers such as distance and water. I don't know if this is better for the animals or not, but it does appear to be.


Part of the experience also involves walking through "free range" areas, obviously amongst the more passive inhabitants, and Singapore Zoo offered a more up close and personal experience than I'd previously encountered any where else.


The usual animal groups can be found, along with various animal shows, tours and facilities such as a horse and carriage trip and a tram ride.


Though not as active as some animals, these Giant Tortoises were fearsomely large! The real ones were a bit smaller than this statue though.


This Komodo Dragon was equally as static but I'd since found out that they can chase after humans at a frightening speed.


We caught the tail end of an elephant show, with a number of them demonstrating how they work and play, along with a humorous back and forth chat between their "supervisor" (the dude below on the right with the white hat) and the MC who stood in front of the seated audience.





After the show ended, audience members could pay a little money for food to feed the elephants.


Speaking of food, there are a few decent places to eat at Singapore Zoo, but does anyone else find it strange that KFC gets involved with adopting animals?


Singapore Zoo provided quite a few opportunities for photos with the animals. The usual way to leave with some memorable moments "immortalised".


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