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Singapore River Walk Picture Moments

Our little river cruise trip inspired us to take a wander along the Singapore River with our aim being to take a closer look at the "durian". Its one of the affectionate names given to the Espanade Theatres on the Bay, which consists of two buildings that resemble two halves of an upturned durian.


The Esplanade is a venue for a programme of international and local cultural performances and we had a closer look into the foyer and exterior detailing. The outside is made of aluminium shades that supposedly reference Asia reed-weaving geometrics and is meant to maximise natural light.


Previous to the durian, we had crossed over the bridge taking in a picture moment featuring the five-star Fullerton Hotel with a backdrop of Singapore skyscrapers.


On the other end of the bridge is the famous Merlion statue - originally built at the mouth of the Singapore River and which now has an adjacent viewing deck allowing visitors to pose with the Merlion spouting water behind them.


We also walked across part of the street track for the Singapore leg of the annual Formula 1 competition.


And took in one of the bronze statues along the river, featuring five boys jumping in.


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