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Singapore Night Safari

Imagine spending the whole afternoon at the zoo - how would you feel doing it again in the evening? That's what we felt after walking around Singapore Zoo and sitting down for our dinner before checking out the Night Safari. Thankfully, it was a good, albeit different experience, that seemed to fly by, even though we spent a good 4 hours there.


As you could probably guess, the Night Safari only opened at night (from 7.30pm until midnight)) although the preceding shops and restaurants opened earlier. The Night Safari's inhabitants were nocturnal, being active mostly at night. There were over a thousand of them and about one hundred and fifteen species occupying forty hectares of forest.


With our energy zapped by the heat of the day, after a dinner rest, the night environment was a welcome and soothing relief. This was probably also because we took a tram ride that lasted forty five minutes over 3.2 kilometres to see most of the safari and landscape.

We were advised to do this and found the best reason (apart from the rest) to be the accompanying tour guide pointing out the animals that we should be seeing, some of whom were difficult to see.


The Night Safari could be seen via the above mentioned tram ride and by three (eerie) walking trails that were signposted by subtle lighting and zoo guides. There were also two shows, a Tribal Dance Performance and a Creatures of the Night Show.

We timed our activities at the Night Safari so that we managed to see both shows, and explore two of the trails.

Creatures of the Night Show

The Creatures of the Night Show took the usual format of stage and audience and featured animals such as binturongs, otters and servals (the latter of which can jump super-high from stationary!).


You can catch a bit of the action in the video clip below. The otters demonstrating their knowledge of recycling is particularly amusing.

Tribal Dance Performance

The Tribal Dance Performance was on a smaller scale, on a limited stage next to some of the bars and restaurants, so that we watched it as a standing crowd, whilst others did so sipping on a beer at a table.



We knew that the show involved the performers spinning and eating fire as well as throwing in some acrobatics and blowpiping.




But the cheekiness, fun and energy that the performing group projected, really made the show entertaining and excellent. Get an idea by the video clip below.

As the world's first wildlife park with a night view, if zoo's are your thing, then the Night Safari has got to be on your list for Singapore. It's an unusual visit and also, its been the winner of the Singapore Tourism Awards' Best Leisure Attraction Experience seven times since its inauguration in 1994.

Visit the Singapore Night Safari website.

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