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Singapore MRT and Uncles and Aunties

I don't have much to say about the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system. As expected, it's clean, efficient and easy to get around. I like the carriage interior design too.



Some of the stations have art, both visual and poetic, on the interior walls and floor.


Here's one form of advertising - on the handles. I guess you can't help but look up at them when you hold on.


On both the buses and MRT, there seemed to be a campaign to promote good public etiquette. The man and woman on the posters seem to parody the "uncle" and "auntie" stereotype that I'm not too clear about, but which seems to be either a respectful reference to someone older or someone who has a quirky, particular (unflattering) sense of taste. Can anyone else elaborate?



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12/01/10  at  11:54 AM
Thanks to @drilbu who has given some helpful info on the two MRT characters...

The guy on the poster is from a TV series (comedy) in SG, pretty big over there. He's also the presenter of SG Idol.

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