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Singapore Art Museum

Located on downtown Singapore's Bras Basah Road, the Singapore Art Museum housed an impressive and diverse collection of pieces of Singaporean and Southeast Asian Modern and Contemporary Art.


Photos of exhibits weren't allowed - only photos of architectural features were permitted, so my "documentation" is limited. However, we did manage to bypass the entrance fee by turning up between 12-2pm, when entry was free.


There were many art pieces that I loved in the museum and it was a joy to get a sense of the east but find a different and interesting result. Out of the pieces I noted down, I could only find the work of Lu Hao and Wu Guanzhong online.

Lu Hao is a Chinese artist who featured in a solo exhibition at the Singapore Art Exhibition. A number of rooms were dedicated to his work, which ranged from giant ink-on-silk paintings of shelves stacked with consumer goods to clear acrylic models of Beijing buildings reconceptualised as containers for live flowers, birds, grasshoppers and fish.



Wu Guanzhong appeared to be a more classical artist whose work embodied the simple brushstrokes of Chinese painting. However, some of the simplicity of his landscapes just blew me away.


Outside the museum were these strange paper-maché-like sculptures and a couple of bronze East-Asian men eating with bowls and chopsticks.




Visit the Singapore Art Museum website.

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22/01/10  at  09:06 PM
I've really been enjoying your Singapore posts. Makes me yearn for another visit!

Don't forgot to check out the toy museums. Both are totally different and equally fun.

BTW, I heard about your blog from Lucky Cat Zoe.

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22/01/10  at  10:11 PM
Thanks for checking the posts out! We did manage to see one of the toy museums - MINT - a post of which is coming up soon. The other is on the list for another time..

Great that you've heard from Zoe. I take it you're a fan of durian too?!?
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22/01/10  at  10:48 PM
Yep, love it! I'm planning a trip to Kuala Lumpur this summer to coincide with durian season. :D
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22/01/10  at  10:58 PM
Fantastic! Stay tuned to Mangovine - I've yet to publish all the Malaysia posts after these Singapore ones!
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22/01/10  at  11:04 PM
Cool! When I have the time I'll venture into your archives and catch up on your previous trips.

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