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Seoul Tower and Seoul at Night

The N Seoul Tower is an art and culture multiplex that offers visitors views across most of Seoul. Located in central Seoul, the tower is considered a symbol of the capital and stands at 479 metres above sea level.


We got to the tower by taking the subway to Seoul metro station and walking part way up before deciding to catch the yellow bus no.2, which we conveniently saw on our way. An alternative route was to walk to the lower station of the Namsan cable car and take it up the mountain.

Getting to the tower was straight forward although we found that the bus took the long, "scenic" route around the mountain the tower was positioned on before making its ascent. After getting off at the top, the tower was reachable with a short uphill walk. We just followed the crowds.


The N Seoul Tower hosts several restaurants, gift shops and cafes as well as a Teddy Bear Museum shop. I couldn't work out why the latter was there but upon reaching the base of the tower and its surrounding plaza, we did see some costumed bears posing for photographs.


There was also a cultural dance performance (Latin I think) that the crowd was clustered around.

We were there purely for the views and so got our tickets, priced at 7,000 KRW (£3.45) each and made our way to the lifts and the T3 level observatory.




With a hazy skyline, the N Seoul Tower experience wasn't as impressive as our visit to the Taipei 101 building.




Here's a short clip taken at the top.

However, we had timed our ascent similarly to our Taipei experience so that we could see day turn to night.


As we watched the far more impressive night views of Seoul, I also took the time to capture shots of the thousands of locks hung on the fences and chains around the outer observatory balcony.



Visitors could buy these lock kits from the tower gift shop and they basically seemed to allow purchasers to express their personal declarations of love and/or longevity before they attached them to the tower (forever they hope).



When we came back down the plaza at the base of the N Seoul Tower was alight with a laser show. I promptly captured some low exposure shots of the pagoda there as well as some floating wire figure artworks.



More photos of Seoul Tower on Flickr.

Visit the N Seoul Tower website.



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