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Seoul Food

On our first night in Seoul, our delayed arrival and the pouring rain was countered for by an excellent and super-cheap first meal!


We had arrived at our hotel (Ibis) in Samseong, completely soaked after walking in the rain for half an hour trying to find the place. After cleaning up, we had decided to wander around locally in search of food.

We had only crossed one of the roads (in the direction of the Samseong metro station), when we came across a brightly-lit, friendly-looking place and decided to pop in.

We had no idea what the restaurant was called as everything was in Korean and none of the staff knew English, but we were feeling decidedly upbeat and wanted to take a chance. Well, especially as we saw other diners eating an interesting looking hot pot meal and knew we could just point to it..

Our basic ordering technique ended up translating into a fabulous hot pot containing pork and tofu in a chilli soup. It was a hot evening but with the day-long heavy rain, the spice was just right.


We also received a selection of small vegetable dishes and the ubiquitous kimchi - our first taste in its country of origin.

The meal was definitely food for the soul but the best part? The price. At a total of 12,000 KRW (£5.85 for two!) we were completely shocked.

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