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Sanrio Puroland Show - Cinnamon’s Secret Door - including Video

"Cinnamon's Secret Door" would easily keep youngsters happy with an easy to follow story that involved each of the starring characters (are they rabbits?) using the power of their imagination to realise their dreams.


The characters, lovingly given names like Expresso, Mocha and Chiffon (as well as Cinnamon), each take their turns and watch as their dreams become reality via the Secret Door. Dancers duck, weave and throw their moves around these soft and bouncy protagonists. Until Cinnamon has a go and fails.

To cut a long story short (though this production is only 30 minutes anyway) and to spoil the ending (which you may not care about!) the door finally opens when everyone comes together to share and make their dreams become one. Cinnamon's dream is to open a cafe whereupon a dude called Milk comes out.

Make sense? I can't believe I've just written up a Sanrio production...

You can view just under 14 minutes of the show in this video clip below.



For more photos, check out the Cinnamon's Secret Door Flickr photoset

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03/10/11  at  02:19 AM
They are dogs, actually.
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05/10/11  at  05:31 PM
Thanks Nevi

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