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Sanrio Puroland Attraction - Hello Kitty Black Wonder - including Video

Hello Kitty Black Wonder was an interactive attraction at Sanrio Puroland, in which you're meant to find a "code" in order to rescue Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel, who are trapped in a jail.


When we first entered Black Wonder along with all the other participants, we had an induction (in Japanese) which involved taking a lamp and listening to instructions.


We didn't have much of a clue about what we needed to do, except that we had to find symbols that related to the symbol on our lamp.

Here's a little clip of Hello Kitty Black Wonder:

As we were let loose into the Black Wonder environment, we slowly realised what to do. Each area or room in the dark, gothic castle-styled area had our symbol. We simply had to find it and then check for a letter.


Finding all these letters wasn't difficult since the attraction is meant for kids, but I was pleasantly surprised at the ingenuity used in hiding them. One letter was part of an animated projection, whilst another was projected from a light that you had to place your hand under. A third letter had to be felt in a barrel.


Once we found each letter in turn, we took our lamp to a digital desk unit which has a selection of letters (there's one for each area/room) and had to place the lamp onto the letter we found.

After successfully searching out all letters, we took our lamp to a "master" unit where an attendant confirmed that we had found all the letters which formed a code word (which we've now forgotten).

The prize for finding the code and thereby freeing Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel? We had the privilege of paying for a souvenir photo of us behind (digital) broken jail bars. Failed participants stay stuck behind bars.



For more photos, check the Hello Kitty Black Wonder Flickr photoset.

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