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Roadside Sellers in Cambodia

In Siem Reap, you can't missed the roadside vendors who sell all kinds of things, but mainly food stuff. It seems that any Cambodian with the time, skill and inclination can create some products and then set up shop at the side of a road.


We saw plenty of roadside vendors as we were ferried about in our hired tuk-tuk, but guess that only the locals will know what each vendor is selling as some items were hidden from view unless you stopped to look.

Knowing a little about Linh's tastes by now, our guide stopped at this girl's stall and she popped the lid of her pot to reveal these gorgeous looking buns. Made from dragon fruit, Linh promptly bought a couple to eat.


From her display, you can also see that she was selling some small kind of fruit and perhaps some petrol via the bottles on the left.


Here's another stall we passed which seems to sell drinks.


This place below seems more likely to be a production venue for spirit houses, which seem almost as common in Cambodia as they are in Thailand.


We saw a few of these mobile stalls around the roads of Siem Reap and never found what those were laid out on the tray on top. They might be some kind of shell fish?


On a road out of Siem Reap and to a Tonle Sap floating village, we passed along one road lined with stalls all selling these bamboo sticks. Our tuk-tuk driver stopped to buy some, which we later found to contain a kind of sticky rice (we tried some).


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