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Roadside Cambodian Children

Linh and I spent alot of time on the road being ferried around in our open-air tuk-tuk while visiting Siem Reap. One of the lasting memories I have, are of all the children that just seem to be everywhere, from walking or cycling along the roads to just playing on the floor beside them.


If they were cycling, we'd sometimes see that the kids were way too small for the bike and it would almost be comical to me if I didn't think that they had any other choice.


However, I've never come across kids that are so friendly and happy! The majority of times that we sped past them, their faces seemed to light up as they began waving at us - a pair of foreigners being ferried in a tuk-tuk, wearing dark shades and face masks - not exactly the most charming of looks.


Of course, not every face was the same, but it was for the majority of cases that we loved to wave at all passing kids and some of the older ones peered back at us in puzzlement before breaking out in a smile. I can totally understand why Angelina Jolie adopted a Cambodian child.




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