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Pulau Tioman Part 4 - Coast and Forest Walk from Paya Beach Resort to Genting

Later in the afternoon, after our morning snorkeling trip, Linh and I decided to explore Pulau Tioman island a little further and took the path south to head towards the next village Genting. It took us about an hour before we reached the Genting jetty, but probably took the locals half an hour or less.


Walking through Paya, where our resort was located, only took a few minutes. In the photo above, we had scaled up an outcrop of rock at the edge of Paya and could still see the jetty not far away. We passed our snorkeling excursion guide along the way and when we told him where we were going, he advised us to just follow the electricity cables.


The initial trek involved a bit more effort to clamber up rocks and through them.


But this gave us some superb views of the coast from an elevated position.


As well as see some huge trees close up!


There were a few isolated houses along the way. All I kept thinking for awhile was how people could live in the thick of the forest with all the mosquitoes in the air!


Quite soon, we dropped back down closer to the coast and onto a path parallel to the beach, rather like the one at Paya. We were soaked in sweat by then.


Though it seems that Monitor lizards are quite common, we were still startled by and felt lucky enough to have bumped into this fella who was on the path in front of us before making off into the undergrowth.


It seems it was after the chicks and chickens which were roaming freely around and under a few wooden houses further along the path.


More houses and chalets lined the path the closer we got to Genting and we just guessed that some belonged to locals and others were part of the resorts there.




More chalets were being built.



Unlike Paya, Genting seemed to host alot more individual resorts and we felt Paya was a nicer, more intimate location. Paya certainly had a better looking beach.


Dried puffer fish often hung from the porches and stalls that we saw.


Reaching the jetty, we thought we could catch a boat back to Paya but nothing seemed to be operating, so we eventually walked back.


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