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Pulau Tioman Part 2 - Paya Beach Resort

There are a number of resorts to stay at on Pulau Tioman and our friend B recommended the Paya Beach Resort, as she had previously stayed there a few times herself. We loved it as it was a compact place right next to the beach with enough facilities for our needs!


We stayed at Paya for three nights having booked a two night package with an extra night extension. Our stay at Pulau Tioman seemed to be a perfect time - in between the peak season and monsoon season. The resort had a few visitors, enough for us to not feel awkward around empty restaurant seats and staff with nothing to do.


However, the best, cheapest chalets, standard ones facing the sea, were all taken and we had to stay in the slightly more expensive Superior chalets which were further back, without a sea view. Both the photos above and below show the sea facing chalets.


Our room was at the top floor of one of these two level chalets.





Included in the price appeared to be a nest of wasps in the tree right outside our balcony!

There were also more "standard" chalets further back which were built around a pond. The setting looked really nice but the water felt like a magnet for mosquitoes.


The Paya Beach Resort had the usual amenities such as a large restaurant, duty free shop, bar and pool as well as spa and dive centre.



We used the pool several times although it was quite a small one about ten metres square.


We had several meals in the large, covered restaurant which offered both Asian and Western cuisine.




Outside the resort, there were also a few other restaurants and bars at Paya and we had two of our meals at a restaurant near the jetty.



For breakfast, there was also a buffet area with the dishes on top of a purpose-built canoe table. Part of the restaurant and bar area looked out over the beach and having breakfast on a warm morning overlooking the sea has got to be one of the more unforgettable moments we had there.


The Paya Beach Resort also had a Cyber cafe next to the restaurant and wifi access, though the signal was only strong enough for my laptop whilst sitting in the restaurant itself.

Along the beach were coconut trees with these caution signs. Coming from the city, we thought that it was fantastic that there were even coconut trees for coconuts to fall from!


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