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Pork Buns and Threading at Raohe Street - Taipei’s Newest Night Market

The night market at Raohe Street is apparently Taipei's newest night market, having developed from its original vendors sited close to Ciyou Temple at one end.




Unlike the vast Shilin Night Market, we found the Raohe Street Night Market easier to navigate since it just consisted of a single avenue with shops on either side and two rows of stalls down the middle.


We came across the usual mix of clothes, accessories, toys and food on sale here.



Sometimes on the same stall! It was a little unusual (for me) to see these jade pieces below being sold together with these dumplings and assorted meat.


I found myself staring at the scene below. Linh informed me that the guys with a red headband were having threading done to them, which is an ancient method of hair removal.


The attendants facing us were rolling some thin cotton over the customer's hair in order to pluck them out. Hurts alot apparently.

Because of its close proximity to the Ciyou Temple, there were also a few outlets selling "temple" supplies.


Steaming Hot Pork Buns

At the temple end of Raohe Street Night Market, we came across a large, snaking queue waiting patiently at a stall full of attendents preparing some buns. You can see what they're getting up to in the video below:

This interested us enough to join the queue and get one of these buns to try out. They were made fresh, containing a mix of pork meat and herbs that you can see being stuffed into the dough.




The cooked bun was steaming hot on the inside with plenty of juice retained, as my burnt tongue found out. But delicious nevertheless.



When we left Raohe Street Night Market, we headed towards Houshanpi MRT station and came across this shop below. The display of half mannequins made me look as well as stop this female motorcyclist in her tracks.


More photos of Raohe Street Night Market on Flickr.

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