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Pickle Buffet

Why a post about pickles? Well, I'm a massive pickle fan and have been all my life. Don't even get me started about pickled peaches (from Hong Kong)! Well, we came across a buffet offering an assortment of juicy pickles in the food court of the shopping mall below the Kuala Lumpur Tower.


Fantastic! Although I didn't actually know what most of the pickles were. A fair number seemed to be mangoes - all slightly different, but all green in colour. You can see there are a few other items - some plums and papaya I think.

Like most buffets, you can choose a different sized container, but the price is based on the weight itself. There was also a choice of dipping powders at the payment desk and you can see some in the little pot below. Again, I didn't know what most of them were and couldn't find out from the seller either, but there was some kind of salt and chilli mixture.

I'm salivating at the thought of those pickles again!



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